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digital marketer / engagement pirate

I hail from Cupertino, lodged somewhere between a Macintosh and an engineer. Current location: probably by the food.

I lead sales support and lead generation at Opes Advisors, a mortgage bank and wealth advisory firm. I am working with some awesome people to reach consumers at scale, drive leads to our sales people, and provide materials that help them have more successful sales conversations. Specialties: customer acquisition, marketing automation, sales collateral.

Once upon a time, I traversed the mean streets of Dreyfus Sotheby’s International Realty, helping its realtors sell more real estate than any other Sotheby’s in the world. Specialties: sales enablement, direct response marketing, email marketing, content marketing.

I can be found over-sharing on Twitter. I sometimes write longer stuff too.

Let your fingers do the talking. Say hello!